About Introvert & My Barriers

Frankly, I want to acknowledge I’m an Introvert..

In my past post, I repost that there is no mistake to be an Introvert, every person have uniquely character and it’s special..
I admitted it, just because it’s useful for me to strengthen me when I was down, when I couldn’t adapted with my milieu..


You know what are troubles of Introvert person, they difficultly had to force they self to be admitted in their milieu..
They know they are boring, not funny, lack sense of humor, not attractive, not flexible..


I have been experiencing those, That’s not my will..
Should I become an Extrovert, should I become what they expected, should I change my awkwardness just to be accepted for them??


Beside that,
I got a new challenge I have to clear..
It’s about barriers,
I try to lie myself that I’m fine..

But, that one word just disturb my mind every time I think of that..
Am I have a long distance with them?
Yeah, i’ts a fact that I was born earlier that them, It’s a fact that I’m totally older than them.. I admitted it, just nope it..


I conclude that I will bring me a lot of meanings..
That probably means I’m honoured by them..

I accepted it, altough there isn’t only me who came there and older than normally their age..
There are some of them who are same with me, but they easily accepted that they are same, not younger or older, they are match each other..


Then, I tried to find some rational reason to make me accepted it..
Might be it’s normal because I was the only one person who came lately,who meet them when they had each groups..


I know that, there is no significant problem disturb my mind..
Untill today ,2 adult people call me spontanly with that call..
I couldn’t think clearly, How can they could say that??
I could realize that frankly I have some distance from them, I’m older than them, so they honoured me with that honoured call..

But, should I get this call too from adult people? They just give yellow line that I’m different, I’m older, so I can’t be closer to them,


Could I be when I was in kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, where I could be truly I am, there is no barriers with my friends, I just same with others, become teenager as usual..


Day by day, It’s become  more strange call for me 🙂


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