Just A Weird Thought in My Sight

observe surroundingI  often observe everything I see in silent. And I like when I became quiet. May be somebody thought I must be a weird person who love to be an introvert person..

No matter what others think about me. I can’t force them to accept my personality fully. That’s me.

When I quiet, I look others, what they do, and look into their personality. Curious..

If I’m not wrong, I get a lot of characteristic from them.

In my sight,
There are person who love to make situation became funny..
They are centre of attention..
Their existence could build up good atmosphere..
Without them, situation flows as usual, and became nothing special.
Sometimes, I envy to them, cause I can’t do like them.

In other hand, there are person who can’t attract the atmosphere, but their existence are important..
They have a sincere heart who can help people around them any time needed.
They are  realiable person, I love them because of their sincerity.
And sometimes, I envy to them because I can’t give like they given, I can’t do everything sincerely like they do.

That’s is a magic word..
Everything happened here..
When we get connected each other..
And then, We found right person who can make us comfort arround them..

You will find that not only happiness you will get, but also sadness, lonely, dispute, ego each other..

I found that there are person who can accept person fully..
They feel comfort each other, no matter what will happen..
Laugh together in every chance..
There a lot of jokes that make them  connected..
And  the important thing I see and know that they will forgive each other easily when one of them do a mistake..
Nothing significant trouble that make them separate each other, because they have matched feeling each other..
How nice them, I really envy to them..

The rest of them are come one after another..
There are person who come and give a friendship because of necessity..

I try to be accepted, but I can’t be another person..
I just want to be myself with so much disadvantages, and poor of advantages..
Forgive me to be like this, I’m certainly just a boring introvert person  that can’t liven atmosphere up..
But I wish there are person who can accepted me sincerely..


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